Training Academy

About Dangote Academy

Our Mission at the Dangote Academy is to be the center of excellence for corporate leadership skills, technical training, and vocational skills acquisition while our vision is to provide the talent pipeline for the Dangote Group while filling the industrial skill-gap in Nigeria. Our four cornerstones for the Dangote Academy consist of; First, to be the umbrella organization for all talent development and learning initiatives for the Group. Second, to provide facility and platform for technical skills acquisition benchmarked to world-class standards. Third, to attract and develop high-quality talent from secondary and tertiary institutions through a structured process.

Fourth, to align with the rapidly changing technologies by building long-term relationships with OEMs and institutions of learning. Our business imperative to look at the wide skill-gap between what the industries require and what the academic institutions offer, as a business, we’re expanding and growing rapidly, sourcing the right skills in the right number is a big challenge, this makes it essential that the Academy provides a talent pipeline for our businesses while promoting employability in Nigeria. One of the priorities for the Dangote Academy over the next few months is to build business capability by supporting the development of industry-related and functional knowledge through creative and innovative learning interventions.

The role of the Academy in this instance is to pay specific attention to the skills required for senior employees to perform their current and future roles. We will be working in conjunction with Training partners to create a blended learning experience with a strong focus on e-learning, Coaching & Mentoring. We have several collaborations and partnerships, that help us achieve world-class standards in learning and development, we have collaborations with OEMs such as Haver & Boecker, FLS, Siemens, Losche, and HEMM Manufacturers.